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Custom Controls Company XPF Series Explosion Proof Exhaust Fans draw air from hazardous locations to provide cooling or to exhaust hazardous concentrations of gasses. Common applications include paint storage lockers, battery rooms, laboratories,

Safely Exhaust Air in Hazardous Locations
Spark Resistant Construction, units available to meet AMCA and ABS Standards
Available for wide range of Hazardous Area Classifications – NEC Division One and Division Two,
IEC Zone 1 and Zone 2
Wide Range of available power supplies, both 50 and 60 Hz.
Available Options include:
o Rain Hood
o Filtration
o Matched inlet louvers and grilles
o Gravity Damper (shutter)
o Motor Operated isolation damper
o Stainless Steel Housing
o Temperature Controls
o Redundant Configuration, with Lead/Lag Control
o Fan Proving Switch
o Service Disconnect Switch

Explosion Proof and Hazardous Location Supply Fans and Blowers are also available to force air into spaces. The XPF Series Supply Fans can be used to cool, ventilate, and purge spaces in Hazardous Locations.

Supply and Exhaust Fans and Blowers are available in sizes from 200 CFM to 40,000 CFM, for a wide range of static pressures. Please contact our Sales Dept. for additional information or for a quotation to meet your specific application.