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CU – Condensing Units range from 2 to 60 ton capacity, straight cooling or heat pump applications for Industrial Hazardous Duty applications.  Pad or Roof mounted versions are available.

Units require on-site Mechanical Contractor to run copper tubing and power to Condensing Unit.  Typical applications include RIE Buildings, Motor Control Centers, Blast Buildings, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Containers, Man Camps, Storage Facilities, etc.

Standard Features Include:

  • Power Wiring in flexible conduit
  • Coils and copper tubing coated with BLYGOLD® PoluAl XT coating system.
  • Intrinsically Safe High and Low Pressure Switches

Available Options Include:

  • 316 Grade stainless steel cabinets
  • Marine Grade cabinet coating
  • Low Ambient controls
  • Refrigerant Capacity Control Device for partial load operation
  • Units for 50 Hz. power
  • Units for ABS requirements
  • Hazardous Duty service disconnect switch

Class I, Groups BCD, Division 2 units comply with NEC 500 & 505 and NFPA Standards.

Class I, Groups IIAB, Zone 1 & 2 units conform to IEC European Standards.