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These units are custom-manufactured large vertical Wall Mount Air Conditioners. They range in size from 7.5 to 25-tons to provide electric heating, cooling, ventilation, and pressurization for Industrial Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Duty applications.

These oversized Wall Mounts are constructed with 16-gauge galvanized steel.  This style of A/C is usually installed on pre-fabricated buildings prior to delivery, avoiding on-site Electrical, HVAC, and duct installation costs.  Unlike roof or pad mounted air conditioners, they can usually be shipped attached to the building.

Cabinets are coated with our industrial epoxy and polyurethane coating system.  All coils and copper are protected with BLYGOLD® PoluAl XT coil coating.  Units can be controlled individually or supervised by Lead/Lag Controls for multiple units.  Our Quality Control department conducts rigorous run-testing prior to acceptance for delivery.  Typical applications include RIE Buildings, Motor Control Centers, Switchgear Buildings, Blast Buildings, Control Rooms, Offshore Drilling Rigs, and Locker Rooms.

Class I, Groups BCD, Division 2 units comply with NEC 500 & 505 and NFPA Standards.

Class I, Groups IIAB, Zone 1 & 2 modifications conform to IEC European Standards.


  • 50 Hertz Power
  • Hazardous Duty Electric Heat
  • 316-Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Built-in Building Pressurizer
  • Auxiliary Purge Blower
  • Fresh Air Intake Enclosure
  • Intake Stack (mounted or self-supported)
  • Fire and Gas Panel Interface Contacts
  • System Fault Alarms Contacts
  • Spark Resistant Blower & Condenser Fan Blades
  • Refrigerant Capacity Controls
  • Low Ambient Head Pressure Controls
  • Chemical or Dust Filtration
  • Isolation Dampers for multiple units
  • ABS compliant construction
  • Service Disconnect Switch
  • Lead/Lag Controls